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1876 Corset

This corset is inspired by an 1876 corset the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I used a corset block from Mandy Barrington's Stays and Corsets: Historical Patterns Translated for the Modern Body, and then I adjusted the style lines to reflect my inspiration image. The mockup was made of canvas and was too big, so I needed to take it in. The corset is made of silk dupioni flatlined to coutil. The contrast topstitching is reflective of my image. I used a combination of flat steel bones (in the front) spiral steel bones (in the back) and plastic bones (at the sides) to allow for the dramatic shaping over the hips. Due to the curved nature of the seams in the front, and my choice to include a waist tape for added support, I chose to line the inside of the corset. I scaled down the amount of embroidery some from the original but kept the same motifs, and I incorporated the same flossing details.


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