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Wizard of Oz

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The Wizard of Oz was produced at the Paramount Theater in 2018 with costumes designed by Theresa Ham. My main draping responsibilities for the production were the fantasy costumes of the Scarecrow, Tinman, and Lion, as well as Munchkinland. I was also heavily involved in the construction of the Poppies and Jitterbug ensemble costumes.


The "three friends" were a collaborative effort between myself and the craftsperson, DJ Reed, as he made the paws and feet of the Lion and the hats for the Tinman and Scarecrow. The construction process for these three specialty costumes involved much consideration and troubleshooting for mobility, comfort, and tricks. The Tinman needed to be able to tap dance and fall on the ground, and his costume was rigged with a fogger to allow for his hat to shoot steam. The Lion needed paws that would not obstruct hand dexterity and every effort was made to help combat the warmth of wearing fur. The Scarecrow needed to be able to lose and re-stuff himself with straw in a controlled manner throughout the production.

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