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Wonderflex Mask

This Japanese Shishimai lion mask is traditionally carved out of wood. To create a lighter alternative with a faster process, I created this version out of Wonderflex. I carved a matrix from layers of insulation foam glued together, covered it in foil, then molded the Wonderflex onto it. The top half was molded and removed from the Matrix before molding the lower jaw. Once both sections were removed they were attached, sanded, and painted. Hair was inserted through holes and glued to the inside. Teeth were made with gold vinyl and fabric used to create the lower tongue portion of the mouth. A foam doughnut suspended on the inside of the mask with elastic secures the mask on the wearer's head and a chiffon curtain obscures the face. Using a research image, I created a pattern file for the body fabric and had it printed through Spoonflower. The fabric Velcros onto the base of the mask so it can be removed for washing.

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